Alce Nero -  Pure Arabica coffee

Alce Nero - Pure Arabica coffee

Alce Nero is an Italian cooperative of farmers, breeders, beekeepers, millers, pasta makers etc. since the 1970s.


This Fairtrade moka blend is made using exclusively organic Arabica coffee grown at an altitude of over 1500 metres, in the shade of enormous tropical trees, from our farming partners in Nicaragua and Peru. The result is a coffee with an unmistakeable aroma and delicate flavour.


Prodecoop and Coop Norandino, together with Alce Nero, are part of Cooperativa Sin Fronteras. This cooperative has promoted the quality and wholesomeness of raw ingredients since it was established and fosters social and environmental sustainability.


Our coffee packaging features an “aroma saving” valve, which allows the gases naturally occurring within the packet to escape but preventing air which would oxidise the product from getting in. In doing so, the aromas continue to mature and retain the purity of their original flavour.


250gr ground coffee. Fairtrade&Organic.


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